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Membership & Benefit

What it Means to be a Member of YPofATL

Membership in YPofATL means opened doors and endless opportunities. It means friendships and business contacts that will last a lifetime. It means community service, exciting events, diverse opinions, and so much more. Being a member of YPofATL means something different every person involved. Are you looking for an organization that invests in its community as much as it invests in you, a young professional in a big city? This is the organization for you. Whether you’re new to Atlanta or have called this city home for years, YPofATL is a great way to meet new people and get involved in bettering the city we all call home.

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YP of ATL Membership

The Nitty Gritty

Membership is covered by annual dues. Our board voted in our first meeting to make those dues $125 per member per year. These dues go to general expenses such as filing for nonprofit status, ordering membership cards, step and repeat, website upkeep, etc. Once you become a member of YPofATL, you are in with a group of go-getters and big-changers. Trust us, you’ll want to get to know them. Thankfully, you can do that at member events and community service projects.


Membership Benefits

Along with getting a physical “YPAtlanta” Card, membership will get free cover into certain bars, discounts at certain retail stores and restaurants, access to specific venues and events for free or discounted rates, etc. Furthermore, membership grants access to our once-a-month social events for free, whereas guests have to pay $25. Our 2024 member benefits include:

    • AVIATE: 20% off online purchases
    • Sports Events Tickets: Access to tickets and packages for sports events from favorite Atlanta area teams
    • Alliance Theater: 25% off discount.
    • Atlanta Sport & Social Club: 20% off Events